Lower Mainland Disc Golf Stores

Abbie’s Sports Shop

Located near the Little Mountain Disc Golf Course at Queen Elizabeth Park, Abbie’s carries a modest selection of discs and other disc golf equipment. Abbie’s also serves as a sort of ‘hub’ for Vancouver disc golf, and the staff is active in both events and helping players (often by finding lost discs).

Website: https://www.abbiessports.com/

Ace Runners

Ace Runners is the largest disc golf-focused store in the Lower Mainland, with a large retail store and a well-run online store. AR has the largest selection of discs anywhere in BC, and you’ll find almost anything you want there (if it’s available). The only catch is that it’s a little out of the way for most people, being located in Langley. You may want to stop by on your pilgrimages to Raptor’s Knoll.

Website: https://www.acerunners.ca/

Disc Cellar

The only exclusively online disc store in the area, Disc Cellar carries a lot of discs from a variety of manufacturers. DC’s website is similar to their larger competitor (Ace Runners), and you’ll find everything you need to decide which tour series Polecat you want in one glance!

Website: https://shop.disccellar.ca/

Stores Elsewhere in BC

Blue Toque Sporting Goods

in Courtenay

Okanagan Disc Supply

Sports Rent

Tombstone Discs

Tombstone is an online only disc store, which also offers local pickup in Nanaimo, just West of the city centre.

Website: https://tombstonediscs.ca/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TombstoneDiscSupply/

Stores Elsewhere in Canada

Don’s Disc Golf is a retail and online store from Calgary, which has a fairly good web presence, though not to the level of Ace, the Cellar, or the Republic.

Disc Republic is an retail and online store located in Manitoba, which offers a wide variety of discs, and ships anywhere in Canada. Their website is almost as good as Ace Runners’